My Path to Meditation

As a fashion designer, it has always been my greatest wish to help women express
themselves, discover their true beauty and make it shine.

However, I have always noticed – especially through many of my clients who have
been with me for so long – that the ups and downs of life are not easy to master just
with a beautiful dress.
It takes more, and it was the same for me.

In my greatest crisis, I discovered meditation.

Meditation has helped me to get into the moment, to actually experience the
present and to know that only the Here and Now counts – not the past and not the
future. The greatest gift that I have received through meditation is the connection to
everything that is, this experience that nothing is separate from each other and the
great peace that arises as a result.

Meditation lets us feel that the true essence of our being is pure happiness and my
mission is to share that with as many people as possible.

It is not difficult to learn meditation. It is very easy to integrate into everyday life.

Meditation is just a spark of awareness, a spark of true wisdom. In connecting with
this spark and grounding – nothing more is needed and this happens in seconds.

This is your first step into meditation and from there you can go on and expand it to 5
minutes,10 minutes or more, however you want it and whenever you want it, It is
entirely up to you

Do you want to learn how? Then you are at the right place.

All tools are now available to you.

Namaste and see you very soon,

Ruth Heinen

Founder & CEO
Channel Medium, Fashion Designer,
Healer & Spiritual Lifestyle Coach


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